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Code of Conduct and Discrimination/Harassment Policy


In consideration of the rights granted to a Candidate as a participant a consent to abide by the rules of conduct set forth herein. The Candidate understands that these rules extend to his / her conduct in activities related to, and during any sanctioned event in which he / she participate. This includes all events or activities sanctioned, or sponsored. The Candidate also understand that if he/she violate any of the following rules, he/she might be subject to whatever disciplinary action is deemed appropriate by the authorized person, persons, boards or committees.


Violations of any anti-doping policies, protocols or procedures Violations of this provision will be adjudicated only by the board or the proper anti-doing authority.

Possession, Consumption or Distribution of alcohol and/or tobacco is illegal & in violation of policy. Board policy prohibits the possession, consumption or distribution of alcohol and/or tobacco by anyone registered as a participant.

Physical damage to the facility or theft of items from the facility or other person, Restitution will be part of any penalty imposed.

Possession of fireworks, ammunition, firearms or other weapons or any item or material which by commonly accepted practices and principles would be a hazard or harmful to other persons. Any action considered to be an offense under State or local law and/or ordinances.

Violation of the specific policies, regulations, and/or procedures of the board or the facility used in conjunction with a sanctioned event (It is the responsibility of the individual to be familiar with applicable specific policies, regulations and procedures.)

Conduct which is inappropriate as determined by comparison to normally accepted behavior Physical or verbal intimidation of any individual Actions that will be detrimental to board