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International Vehicle Week 2018

Bike Contest

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Motorbike and dirt bike games are most preferred games for next generation for the feeling of adventure and thrill in this sport. Driving of two wheelers through dirt filled ground and the daredevil stunt of the motorbike diving are pure fun and joy and some of them become addicted to these games after a certain period. The scope is enhanced by the availability of free online motorbike games and youngsters race against the computer to score higher points in racing arena.

Backdrops are really thrilling where the driving of motor bikes through muddy terrain and through slopes create really adventurous and terrifying feats. Feeling the high speed mood with a sense of adventure, teenagers find these games highly exciting and remain engaged overtime and sometime at the cost of their studies. Next-Gen learn a lot of new ideas of meeting challenges and ways to face problems.

Playing motorbike and dirt bike games are not very difficult and hence anyone can enjoy these games easily for hours at a stretch. You have to know simple actions and means to accelerate, to slow down and to stop. Dirt biking is a different sort of motor sport game, usually set up in the backdrops of mountain slopes and you pass several obstacles to reach the top level, which is really very difficult and adventurous. Regular practice in this game will help a candidate to reach the top stage which is the ultimate goal in the dirt bike mortar sports. You like to score the highest points to compete other players to win the dirt biking action.

Bike Contest


The Motorbike and dirt bike pits up to 16 teams together in a round-robin elimination as teams compete in the races. Each six-person team includes at least two women and up to four men.

The format features teams lined up on one side and they pursue for six laps. The lead rider of each team drops off after each lap, leaving only the final, or anchor rider for each team, to finish the race against the clock. The best six teams advance to the finals.

The final round consists of difficult stretches with Treasure Hunt... Clues to be provided later on.


1st Round - Track A [Bumpy with Trail] 60 Min
2nd Round - Track B [Bumpy, Village Trail, Jungle, Treasure Hunt] 90 Min


Blue / Black Jeans with T-SHIRTS [to be provided by organizers]


The automotive services sector was identified as one of the high-growth sectors because it is projected to create a substantial number of new jobs for the Bangladesh economy (12 - 15 percent over next ten years.)

Contest Ambience

The Motor bikers and Dirt Bikers are to greedy for the Grid Girls who are not only attractive but really Charismatic, Energetic to help out the participants from different angles and moods.

The Motorbike and dirt bike has become one of the most popular events of the summer season since its inception. This unique event offers a terrific team-building opportunity, the chance to put your corporate logo in front of at least 2,000 fans.

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